The Teleprompter WebApp

This application functions like an expensive teleprompter that puts text on a screen so that it can be read by someone who is on video.

Position your computer screen next to the video camera. You can also use a partially-silvered mirror and place the camera behind the mirror and the computer screen below the mirror.

This application will display your text as a plain web page allowing you to use your standard scroll tools to move the text on the screen while it is read. The text height can be set and can be displayed normal or mirrored. There are also the options of showing black on white or white on black and the number of words that should appear on each line.

Complete the form to launch the teleprompter.

    Black text, white background
    White text, black background

    Normal, left justified
    Mirrored, right justified

Text height (The default is 24 pixels.)

Number of characters per line (The average character width is about 20 pixels.)

Enter or paste your text here:

Software written by Vince Long in PHP, April 2010