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Pinhole photography is the making of images formed by lightwaves passing through a pinhole, rather than a lens, and striking a piece of light-sensitive material. There are many sites devoted to this process on the World Wide Web, just use a search engine to find them.

I have divided my pinhole pages into several sections. Click around. Look at the images. Build a pinhole camera. Have some fun.

The Cameras
Camera Design This link will take you to my camera designs page. Not all of the cameras that I build are pinhole types, but some are.

The Images
Images - Group 1 This set of images were made with Camera #1.
Images - Group 2 This set of images was made with Camera #2.
Images - Group 3 This set of images was also made with Camera #2.
Images - Some Others These images, primarily made with Camera #2, are left overs and outakes.
Images - 3D Stereo Pairs If you can cross your eyes to see 3D stereo pairs, you'll enjoy these images.

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