Akai 202D-SS, the 2nd

In the spring of 2018, after dealing with some health issues, I decided I wanted to build/restore a late-1960-70s hi-fi system. I had most of the components I'd bought or inherited from back in those days so I had a pretty good head start. One of my favorite items was my original Akai 202D-SS which I purchased in Germany in February of 1975, however, after many years of use I had retired it to a cool, dry place in my basement photographic darkroom. Upon retreiving it, I discovered that it had some problems, all of which are detailed on its own page. I was disheartened but my spirits were uplifted when I found another 202D-SS on ShopGoodwill.com. I was the successful bidder and a week or so later it arrived. It was in great shape and none of the parts were missing. It is pictured on the right, the deck in the middle.

I eventually got around to giving it the clean, lube, and adjustment treatment and it played wonderfully. However, I noticed that after about 40 minutes of play it started slowing down, a sure sign that the motor capacitors were faulty. I went online and bought 2 sets, one for the other machine too, installed them, and it has worked fine ever since. The only issue is that on start up it's a but noisy for the first 20 seconds or so. This is almost certainly the transistors on the amplifier boards, a known issue with Akai units, and problem I have easily solved on other units with a replacement transistor. I have put this on my to do list.

I do not have a lengthly story about this machine like I do many of the others since I haven't had it that long, but it did come in handy as a reference when I worked on the repairs and reassembly of its twin. Today it shares a the shelf in my man cave with 4 other decks of the same vintage. That's it, below, second from the right.

Reel-to-reel demo, quadraphonic tape

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Updated November 2020.