Sankyo STD-1900

I bought this unit in 1979. I had two uses for it: as an audio cassette player/recorder and as a data drive for the tapes I used on my Apple ][ computer which I had purchased the year before. This deck stood me in good stead for a few years. I made lots of audio tapes, especially mix tapes, that I could then play in my car.

On the computer side of things, this was back before I had disk drives on that computer and any programs that were to be loaded or saved came from an audio cassette. I had borrowed a small/portable player that worked well but wanted something with a footage counter to make it easier to find my programs.

I can't remember why I decided on this particular deck or where I bought it. It is the only major piece of equipment that I no longer have. At some point the paddle for pressing Play broke off. Gluing didn't work and I finally got tired of putting it into play by pushing my thumb through the little opening so I set it aside and bought my Nakamichi BX-150 as a replacement. Although I regret it now, I tossed the deck out when I moved to Montana in 1991.

I dug up the owner's manual for it. You can view it as a PDF by clicking here.

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Updated November 2020.