Pioneer KE-4242

Memories can get a bit hazy at times. I found the receipt for this deck which indicates that I purchased it July 12, 1987 but I am not clear what car I bought it for. I think I'd just purchased my 1983 Volvo 240 wagon so it would lead me to believe that I bought for that car.

However, I still have that car and it has a different unit in it. Or maybe I bought it for my 1972 Ford F250 truck, which I still have, but I have a similar cassette player in it still. Hmmmm. I did drive a company truck for a few years so I may have installed in in that. My mind is a blank.

That said, the unit looks to be in good shape although as of this writing I haven't powered it up. The knobs are all there and the connections on the rear look ready to go.

I found my copy of the owner's manual which can be viewed as a PDF by clicking here. (11.2 MB)

Click on an image to enlarge it.

Updated November 2020.