Sony TC-WE635

I bought this deck in about 1992-3. Since my Nakamichi BX-150 was giving me some grief (later solved with a new idler tire) and I was busy copying cassettes of radio programs that I was trading, I needed a replacement and a dual-well machine looked like just the thing. I went to a local electronics/appliance shop in Billings, MT and looked over what they had which was very little. The sales guy said that they were getting out of cassettes altogether and that he'd sell me the floor model of this deck for, I think, $125. That sounded like a good deal so it home with me. It did everything I'd want out of cassette deck and I used it well for a few years.

After retirement, when I got back into my hi-fi equipment and media, one of the projects I wanted to do was to digitize all of my analog tapes that contained radio broadcasts, both new and old. I finished up converting the content I had on reel-to-reel tapes, over 2,000 programs from about 125 reels, and needed to get started on the cassettes. The old radio programs were on about 400 cassettes and there were about 400 more that had more radio, content from 1980 on. This Sony deck plowed through them all. However, about 100 tapes from the end I started getting a noise out of the left deck, the one I'd been using. It sounded mechanical so I switched to the other well and it went fine. I still need to pull it apart and see what the issue is.

In the meantime, it sits in my system right under the Nakamichi BX-150.

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Updated December 2020.