Panasonic RQ-212DKS

This was a handme down from my father-in-law whom, I believe, used it for listening to books on tape. The receipt indicates that he bought it on March 22, 1978 for $98.32 at Team Electronics, a chain that was later absorbed by Target. It was pretty well-known on the family tree that I was interested in old stuff like cars, stereo equipment, kitchen gadgets, etc. so it was not uncommon to find stuff make its way to me.

While I never used this very much, it is certainly too cool to relegate to the landfill and, after all, it adds depth and variety to these pages. It came with its original box, inserts, and accessories. It has an insert for batteries and also the convertor for running off wall current. And don't you like that accessory with the suction cup? Those were the thing back then for recording telephone conversations, just stick it to the end of the handset and record away.

Bringing it out of hibernation it fired right up and all the functions worked properly. Like so many conumer goods built in that era, it is well-built and made to last.

You can see a copy, in PDF, of the owner's manual here. (4.6 MB)

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Updated December 2020.