Olson RA-594

Back in the 1960s and 1970's I loved going through electronics catalogs: Allied/Radio Shack, Layfayette, Olson, and many others. In the city where I lived, Long Beach, CA, we had an Olson Electronics downtown. It wasn't the hi-fi gear I was interested in but what they had on the remnants table. This was a strange assortment of leftovers, probably manufacturer overruns, and that type of thing. It was mostly just parts and they could be picked up for very little money. On one of my trips there I found this 8-track chassis. Not only was it inexpensive but it was quadraphonic! I don't remember what I paid for it but it was probably less that $20. I had plans to build it into something, a cabinet, and put it into my system but I never really got around to it, yet. So here it is, still waiting for that project. Luckily I still have the instruction sheet marking the connections as to what goes where. I did hook it up years ago and it does work but I'll bet it has less than an hour playing time on it.

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Updated December 2020.