Pioneer in the F-250

I have this 1972 Ford F-250 that was purchased new by my uncle. He had a big camper on it and used it for lots of years. Then it went to my dad who got rid of the camper and put a shell on it. He was going to use it as a tow vehicle for his RV/trailer but decided to get something else and so we bought it because, at the time, we had my 1959 Volvo 544 and a 1973 Honda Civic and that just wasn't enough vehicles with kids. We got the truck and sold the Honda. Since the truck only had AM radio I bought this Pioneer to give it an upgrade. I am not sure what model it is but it's very similar, and purchased around the same time, and my Pioneer KE-4242. It's been a good deck although like the rest of the truck, the speakers have deteriorated over time. I really should just pull it out and put the AM radio and surround back in it.

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Updated December 2020.