Sony CFS-204

I picked this one up in 1991 or so, about the time I moved from Southern California to Montana. Like so many of my non-reel-to-reel acquisitions, I don't remember exactly what prompted this purchase but it was possibly the change in location and that my main system wasn't being set up right away. I do remember using this as my kitchen radio before I installed one of those under-counter radio/CD players in its place.

More lately it has been living and playing in my basement workshop, hence the dust. A couple years ago I pulled it apart to see why the cassette wasn't playing and, of course, it was a belt issue. I remember ordering a belt and , I think, I did by model rather than by belt size and the belt I received didn't fit. I still need to get a proper belt for it.

I still have the owners manual which can be viewed in PDF here. (2.7 MB)

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Updated December 2020.